Cheres patientes, cheres patients,

Suite aux mesures qui ont ete prises par le Gouvernement afin d'enrayer la pandémie Covid-19, Nous vous signalons que notre cabinet dentaire sera fermé par decision du Ministere de la Santé à partir du samedi 21 mars 2020 pour une durée inconnue a ce jour.

Un service d’urgence dentaire à été mis en place par le College Médical et l'AMMD.
Vous pouvez contacter le numéro spécial 8002 8080.

Pour toute autre question, nous restons à votre disposition du Lundi au Vendredi de 9:00 a 16:00 par téléphone 691232878 ou par email

Nous vous présentons nos excuses pour les désagréments occasionnés par cette situation.

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Dental Emergencies only with appointment

Centre Medico Dentaire Bertrange

High quality services in a pleasant and relaxing environment

We often say

"Prevention is better than cure"

At the Centre Medico Dentaire Bertrange, all dental care is gathered in one place. Modern techniques and top equipment allows us to offer you a very high quality service in a pleasant and relaxing environment.

The treatments are adapted to the request of each of our patients. This translates into a constant listening of your concerns and the will to propose the best alternative health adapted to your situation.

Our Dentists

Our dynamic team consists of specialists in different dental fields to offer you a global treatment, related to your needs.

Dr.Predoiu Zoe
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Tap Madalin
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Vlad Cristina-Andreea
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Dr.Predoiu Zoe
Invisalign Go Training, Paris

Dental wear treatment, Global Advanced Dentistry Center Bordeaux

Bio-Emulation Colloquium The Santorini Experience (Tribune CME): Aesthetic Dentistry, Adhesive Dentistry, Direct Restorations Aesthetics, Insulation with Dyke, Dental Photography

CIDAE Brussel

Joint Conference of Dentistry SRS-GAO, Italy: Infectious Pathology in Dentistry

4th Periodontology Conference

Direct Dental Restorations (3MESPE)

Updates in Dentistry

Modern Methods and Techniques of Oral Implantology
Tap Madalin
Transplants LIVE/TP - SURGITECH STUDIES - Former: Sepehr Zarrine

Muco-Gingival Surgery SIFRIO

Certificate of Higher Studies in Periodontology Reims University - Champagne-Ardenne

Basic Implant Surgery: Clinical Aspects Mediterranean Institute of Implantology - Tattone Hospital

Aesthetic and Functional Rehabilitation (Neuromuscular) Global Advanced Dentistry Center

Implant surgery in omnipratics STRAUMANN ITI CAMPUS - Formers: Christine ROMAGNA and Sepehr ZARRINE

Basic and intermediate Hands-on Course in Implant Dentistry Zimmer Institute, Switzerland

36/5000 Training cycle in periodontology CHRG Formation - Former: Christine ROMAGNA

Practical course of aesthetic stratification (GC France) The Endodontic Retreatment from evidence based to a clinical approach Endo Enzo Clinic AMSTERDAM
Vlad Cristina-Andreea
The Endodontic Retreatment Endo Enzo Clinic Amsterdam Treatment of dental wear, Global Advanced Dentistry Center Bordeaux

Dental Prosthetic Specialist Certificate

International Endo Masters 2016

Ceramic facets from A to Z Basic Smile Design et restaurations directes esthétiques frontales

International Conference XIX, National Conference of Periodontology X, National Congress of the Society of Dental Prosthesis and Maxillofacial IV, National Conference of Association of Pedodontics

BPS: Occlusion and removable prosthesis course

Ceramic veneers

Conferences and courses of Dental Prosthesis and Maxillofacial Society

International Congress of Dental Aesthetics

The peculiarities of metal-ceramic prostheses on implants: success- failure The patient and the dentist in the European context

Geometry of the polishing of the pillars

The Dental Assistants

Our assistants always make sure that the patient is comfortable during treatment. In order to maximize the work of the dentist, the assistants ensure to prepare all that the dentist would need during a curative treatment.

Our attentive assistants possess the qualities necessary for the development of a relationship of confidence with patients.

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Centre Medico Dentaire Bertrange
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