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The bone graft

When a tooth is no longer conservable and extraction is indicated, preservation of the site is essential. A tooth extraction will irremediably cause bone melting of the site concerned.

In addition the bone that surrounds and supports the teeth is often partially or completely destroyed by disease or infection. It is very important to provide for the preservation and reconstruction of this bone during extraction in order to consider in the best conditions the replacement of the missing tooth. This is particularly critical for the rehabilitation of aesthetic areas.

The bone expansion

In the presence of a thin bone crest, the implant site is prepared using expanders of different diameters, thus preparing the location of the implant by minimizing drilling.

It is generally associated with bone filling.

The sinus lift or sub sinus bone graft

During dental rehabilitation on the upper jaw dental implant, the dentist is often faced with the problem of insufficient bone height in the sinus.

A sinus-lift procedure is then performed to increase the amount of bone.

The technique involves carefully removing the membrane lining the sinus to elevate it to the desired level and filled with a synthetic bone substitute. This bone acts as a matrix, and encourages bone growth between spaces.

The apposition graft

After extraction of a tooth, the bone volume of the edentulous area may decrease rapidly.

This decrease may make it difficult, if not impossible, to place implants in this area.

In case of bone volume too small, a small bone fragment can be brought to this level to increase this volume and allow implant placement.

Gingival surgery

A gum transplant can restore a nice smile while preserving the teeth. Indeed, the teeth can be removed in the absence of healthy gums.

The operation is performed under local anesthesia, as for caries repair. It lasts from one to two hours

Extraction of wisdom teeth and included teeth

An included tooth is a tooth that has not erupted on the dental arch and has remained stuck in the bone.

The extraction of the wisdom teeth consists in removing the third molars from the top and / or the bottom.

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