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Invisible Orthodontics

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Comfortable, transparent and removable, Invisalign is a system of transparent removable gutters that serve to realign your teeth to get you a beautifull smile. We accompany you throughout the treatment so that your Invisalign experience is up to your expectations

Why choose Invisalign?

Invisalign aligns teeth using a series of removable and virtually invisible aligners, custom-made specifically for your teeth. When you replace your aligners every two weeks, your teeth move - little by little, week after week, to the prescribed end position.
At the Centre Medico Dentaire Bertrange, thanks to a personalized evaluation, the gutters are made to measure to offer you optimal results and maximum comfort.

Invisalign benefits:

  • removable and transparent, without ring or wire
  • control with great precision the alignment of your teeth
  • remove removable Invisalign aligners at any time
  • Clearly defined treatment plan, with replacement of the gutters every two weeks for precise monitoring of the evolution of the realignment
  • an aesthetic and not very restrictive way to realign the dentition, to have a beautiful smile and to gain self-confidence

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