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Dental Prophylaxis - Prevention

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Dental prophylaxis refers to the process of preventing the onset or aggravation of a dental disease. It includes professional tooth cleaning and periodic checks. It prevents the development of cavities and toth loosening and aims to maintain the dental health.

Personalized hygiene advice is also provided by our oral health professionals.

The dental scaling

Scaling is the procedure to remove tartar (limescale deposits) that has accumulated on the teeth. Unlike dental plaque, calculus can not be removed with a toothbrush.
Dental polishing involves smoothing tooth surfaces after scaling and reduces plaque build-up on root surfaces.

Air Flow

Air Flow is a method to clean the teeth using air and pressurized water to project a controlled flow of powder to the teeth. The jet eliminates stains and bacterial deposits that form on the surface of teeth and under the gum.

Aeroplating ensures a thorough and gentle cleaning of teeth even in hard to reach areas.

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